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King's Still Finding His Groove

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What’s going on with Kevin King? With the shine and circumstance wearing off, Kevin King’s first 10 VHLM games are in the books, the Las Vegas Aces 6-4-0 in that time. With an average ice time of just under 13 minutes, King has not yet recorded a point and is a +/- (-1) on the season. His overall statistics are less than impressive, nowhere near matching his off-ice presence. Perhaps it’s just a matter of line chemistry or timing (4 of those ten were played against top 5 VHLM teams, with 2 other games seeing King play less than 8:00 minutes). If we take a look back however this isn’t the first time King has been through a slump.


In his first competitive season since returning to hockey, it took King four games to record his first goal with the then Flint Freezers of the NEHL. Even following this, he found himself in the worst slump, going thirteen games, including the first two playoff games of his second Freezers season without a point before exploding with a hattrick in game three of that series. Over the course of King’s career, he’s shown to rebound from lengthy scoring slumps in big ways, often responding with high tally performances that span over multiple games. It’s certainly not time to panic with King, as he’s only ten games into his VHL/VHLM career. It feels like only a matter of time before he erupts with one of those stellar performances that have come to define him. We would expect to see a renewed focus in this final stretch of the season and with reformed lines following the Recreation Deadline, expect this article to age very quickly.



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