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Kevin King and the Houston Bulls?!?!?

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Following a series of mailbag questions, which you can view here: https://vhlforum.com/topic/86006-kevin-king-mailbag-qa/, where King made the bold declaration of being potentially a GM in the VHL following his playing career, a source within the family has now revealed which team King is eyeing first for a role as an AGM. It was first rumored that King did not submit any application or hint at the at the time vacant AGM role for his own Las Vegas Aces and it is believed that he was very much in favor of the eventually appointed AGM Twists getting the role. King was expected to have added his name to the now loaded applications post (located here: https://vhlforum.com/topic/85564-vhlvhlm-agm-postings/) where teams can consolidate and pick new GMs/AGMs from a list of applicants on the page but we have yet to see his name.


            However, it we can exclusively reveal now that Kevin King has expressed interest in one day beginning his front office career with the Houston Bulls of the VHLM. During a BBQ, King revealed that he appreciates the challenges that come with helping build franchises and from a purely front office perspective, he would love to build up a franchise with only a few championships and see if he could bring more prestige to that organization. King would go on to say that plans and ideas can always change. He’s focused on being a player today and hopes to win a Founder’s Cup with Vegas this season and would love to remain with the Aces next season, “if that’s in the cards.”

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