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:vhllogo:Draft Day:vhlmlogo:

In “Draft Day” Kevin Costner Stars in Another Sports Film This ...


As the Victory Hockey League is firmly in the midst of Season Seventy-Two Playoff picture, some players are already looking forward. No, we are not talking about the rosters of the four VHL franchises to miss the playoffs this season, we are talking about the draft eligible players. These players are just a few weeks away from finding out where they next step of their hockey careers will take them, some might even have a strong idea of where they will find themselves next. In today’s media spot, we would like to take a look at some of the draft eligible players, and where they might find themselves.


:osl:Groovy Dood (Defense)::osl:



The top earner on our very short list, Dood is sitting pretty currently at 220 TPE, which currently places him in the ninth spot in the prospect pool. Joining right before the playoffs in Season Seventy-One, Dood didn’t have much time to let the VHL world now who he really was. Season Seventy-Two provided just that opportunity for Dood, playing in all seventy-two regular season contests with the Minnesota Storm.  Dood and the Storm lit the VHLM on fire during the regular season, with the Storm taking home the First Overall spot in the Regular Season standings with 122 points. Dood himself has a quality first VHLM season, especially given all the firepower the Storm possessed this season. Dood put up a respectful nine goals and forty-eight assists for a total of fifty-seven points. Although Dood and the Storm has a regular season many can only dream on in term of team success, unfortunately the playoffs are a different story. The Storm currently find themselves on the wrong end of a 3-1 series lead and while they are not done, the odds are currently stacked against them.


Dodd will be moving on from the Storm regardless of the outcome this post-season, but something that is still up in the air is his draft position. With many questions to still be answered including the VHL Entry draft lottery and VHL Expansion Draft to happen in the off-season, teams’ needs may be different come draft day. Although Dood is currently the ninth best prospect in the draft, there are only two defenseman ahead of him currently. This alone makes us certain that Dood will not go any lower than Fifth Overall.


:sdm:Calvin Harvey (Goaltender)::sdm:



Harvey finds himself in a tough position to crack as a starter in the Victory Hockey League, but with the work ethic Harvey has shown so far, he might just have what it takes to make it. Harvey currently finds himself as the twenty-fourth best prospect and the fifth best goaltending prospect in the Season Seventy-Two VHL Entry Draft. Harvey came to the VHL shortly after the Season Seventy-Two VHLM Dispersal Draft and ended up signing a one-year deal with the San Diego Marlins to be the starting net minder for the Marlins. While we are sure Harvey was ecstatic to get a starting position in just his first VHLM season, the Marlins weren’t going to be in the position to make any noise in Season Seventy-Two. San Diego finished with ten wins and just twenty-two points, which placed them just ahead of the Houston Bulls. With such a poor team in front of him unfortunately Harvey shouldered a lot of the workload night in and night out for the Marlins.  Harvey finished the season with a 10-60-2 record to go along with a .889 save percentage and 4.45 goals against average. While the season didn’t play out the way Harvey would have liked or imagined, scouts could not deny the fact that Harvey was clearly improving each week. Now with many other positions of need ahead of him in the VHL Entry Draft, we have to wonder what jersey he will be putting on in the near future. One thing in the favor of the young netminders around the league, is the fact the VHL is adding four new franchises, all which need to build from the ground up. With that being said, we see Harvey as an early Second Round prospect.  

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Wow what an honour to be included in such a short list! Groovy Dood isn’t quite sure of his position, as he’s been bouncing between LW and C all season. Since I’m a forward, does my draft stock go up? :D

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1 hour ago, bigAL said:

Wow what an honour to be included in such a short list! Groovy Dood isn’t quite sure of his position, as he’s been bouncing between LW and C all season. Since I’m a forward, does my draft stock go up? :D

I clearly can’t read. On my two days worth of VHL knowledge, I still see as high as 3, low as 5. 

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