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Matty Socks to Miami!!

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As the offseason comes to a close, we got a chance to have a few words with one of Miami's new defensemen for season 73. Matty Socks was drafted fifth overall in the minors draft, joining the Marauders, and twenty-second overall in the majors draft, heading to Chicago in season 74. 
Teams are still anxiously awaiting to get on the ice and compete, Miami included. Socks is looking forward to building new relationships with new people and maintaining old ones from his time with the Aces. He and Kevin King, also an Aces alum who will be playing with Miami this season, have been spending plenty of time on the ice to establish themselves as strong assets. 
Socks has been working mostly on increasing his defensive skills during the offseason. He's also hoping to get back to the basics and improve his puck handling as the season begins. His main goal for the season is to cap as quickly as he can and set himself up well for his upcoming season with Chicago. 

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I'm excited to see how Socks pairs with great linemates like Stansson or Grachev. I think Socks not only validates that Top 5 draft choice, but maybe gives Chicago something to think about for s74 when Matty is inevitably called up. To put the reviewer hat on cause I gotta do fucking reviews this week (where is my trivia @peoplewhomakethatdecision??? Not happy), I wish you went more in depth on what you anticipate Socks will do statistically this season or which linemates you expect to have the best chemistry with. Otherwise, I'm always happy to see more content and discussion with Fishy/Matty Socks! 8/10 cause I get yelled at for not putting scores apparently... Really need Trivia back lol

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