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Chase Crosby rookie scouting

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Crosby is a short defenseman that loves to get physical. His size makes it harder for players to hit him without getting penalized. He's not afraid to get in front of a shot to block it or poke check the puck away. He does everything he can to keep the puck out of the net. While he's not very good at scoring, he tries to shoot one any opportunity he gets. He might try to get a bit too creative but he's always thinking outside the box. He's an all natural when it comes to handling the puck, controlling it with minimal issues. His leadership has more to be desired, as he's king of awkward around new people and it takes a lot of time before he can communicate effectively with people. He has minimal experience with faceoffs since he plays defense and he struggles to get the puck on his side of the faceoff, tending to try and bump into his faceoff opponent and leaving the puck there for someone else to take.

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Happy to have another defender on the back end! Welcome to the Aces :)

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