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Perrin having the worst start ever

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The Phantoms are finally playing above .500 hockey as they have more wins then  they do losses with their latest win against last year's European Conference winner, the Riga Reign. The team is currently being lead offensively by Dagmar Havlova @diamond_ace and Gary Tarantino @Garrett who both have 12 pts in 11 games and started this season on fire and have provided the Phantoms with some decent offensive depth to start the season. 


Seabass Perrin however is suffering through what now has to be his worst career start. Yeah he grabbed himself two points against the Reign but he's still last on the team's scoring list with 4 points and last when it comes to plus/minus with -3. This start is even worse than his poor start back in S69 where Perrin didn't even manage to hit to 30 point mark (the only time in his career) by the end of season. Lets hope he turns it around and that is doesn't get to that. 


Perrin had a few comments when reached over the phone late sunday evening.


" This has been a tough start for me and it's especially hard for me to get myself out of this slump. I'm regarded as a leader on this team and I expect a lot more out of myself for the sake of my teammates. I don't know exactly what's going on out there, just getting a lot of bad bounces and not much puck luck. I just got to keep my head up, keep my game simple and remember that this is only temporary and eventually I'll break out of this slump. "



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