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VHL / SBA Reaffiliation

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Hello There,


revenge of the sith prequel GIF


As some of you may remember we used to be PT affiliated with the SBA ( Simulation Basketball Association ). After some discussions regarding affiliation and what that might look like, I'm pleased to announce that we have come to an agreement with the SBA. We are now going to re-introduce our PT affiliation between our two leagues. What this means is that when you complete a Point Task (Graphic, Media Spot, Podcast) you may claim it for 6 TPE in all three leagues ( VHL, EFL, SBA ). This reduces the load on the average user regarding burn out, resulting in being able to participate in all three leagues without having to complete tasks in all three. 


Fine Print:

- You can now use SBA Point Tasks as Affiliate PT's here, and vice versa. This now means that once again, any PT in the EFL, SBA, or VHL is applicable as an Affiliate PT in all three leagues. 

- You may once again earn a second Affiliate Check TPE in the VHL, using affiliate Articles (Affiliate Check Rules). 

- Free Weeks earned via Seasonal Donations/Premium will be honored cross-league. Note: individual free weeks bought in the SBA will not be honored. 

- Theme Weeks may be exchanged cross-league, once per season, during the week each league hosts theirs

- All Auto-12 claims will once again be in effect cross-league. 


Effective immediately, you can now claim PT's in the SBA. You can find info about their league Here 



@Commissioner Team

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18 minutes ago, Acydburn said:

mark wahlberg no GIF by Daddy's Home


What expression is he trying to convey exactly? Sorry but look at the lack of movement on the eyebrows (in every scene he's in) asshole doesn't know how to act for a minute. Is he disappointed, happy, tired? Who can tell. 

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1 minute ago, GustavMattias said:

I love this!


I was super critical of the SBA at first but eventually, for myself (and I assume many others), it got to the point of "let's just get together and have fun again." I'm very happy to see that's what's happened.


I better see you in SBA ToS games

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