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VHL / SBA Reaffiliation

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SBA ending the affiliation last time was always a big disappointment to me. While I understood the reasons why they chose that direction, I still fought against it and brought it up more than I should have when it wasn't really relevant over on SBA.


I'm glad that the two sides were able to come back together again. This is best for both of our communities, and now the trifecta of VHL/SBA/EFL can be whole again. There are so many great members on all 3 sites, and there is a ton of crossover already, so it only makes sense. The changes that VHL made in order to get to a better place, which is why SBA left in the first place, were definitely needed as well.


Also, shoutout to VHL for still allowing SBA PTs for 6 TPE this whole time. I probably would have left SBA back then if we didn't keep that lingering on.

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