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Haydon Learmonth

Haydon Learmonth - Junior Review

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Born in Canada's capital, Haydon didn't discover his love for hockey until he was twelve years old. Once he did however, there was no turning back. It became his obsession, and by the time he was in high school he had become an extremely versatile player for his team. His first year in Kanata Secondary School saw him put up 22 goals and 30 assists for 52 points in 36 games. As a freshman, he wasn't given a whole lot of ice time, but he made the best of what he got. His team was led by a trio of seniors on the first line who were among the best in the league. His team was so stacked and were the consensus team to win it all. Unfortunately, they ended up losing the championship game in double overtime. Once the seniors left after Haydon's first season, he was given a bigger role on the team, but there was uncertainty regarding if he could put up the same numbers without them. He took the challenge head-on and after an off-season of relentless training, he had put on more muscle and became much stronger. Along with his impressive speed and puck skills, he upped his game to a new level in his sophomore year. Playing in 34 games that season, Haydon put up a ridiculous 41 goals and 34 assists for 75 points. He had destroyed all doubts and had proved he was an incredible talent, but he still had the playoffs ahead of him. Hoping to come out with a different result than the season prior, Haydon, the newly named captain, upped his leadership in the locker room and continued to lead by example. They battled their way right back to the finals. A feat nobody expected from Kanata after losing their top three players. In the championship game, Haydon netted a hat trick in a 3-2 overtime win and came back home crowned champions. Scouts obviously started to take notice of his skill and it wasn't long before VHLM general managers started expressing interest in signing him. He contemplated going back to high school for another year, but his teammates and staff urged him to make the jump. After receiving multiple offers, he decided to sign with the Mississauga Hounds and left his legacy back in his hometown. He was known throughout the league as not only great player, but a great person, and it was time for him to take his game to the big leagues. 



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