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What Would Living in a Sports Bubble be Like

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What Would Living in a Sports Bubble be Like


With 2 major sports leagues playing in the bubble (NHL and NBA) and 2 sports leagues without the bubble having issues already (MLB and NFL) it is not outside of the realm of possibility that we could find ourselves in the bubble until we overcome our current situation. So I began asking myself, what would it be like to live in the bubble for a season.


Well first, and most importantly, food. Now this depends on what you fancy. Continental breakfast is usually good, but that will definitely fade after the first week. If the bubble is somewhere nice, like the Royal York, than i would be pleased with every meal. Lunch would be tough, we'd probably get a sandwich everyday, but this can be made up for with a stellar dinner. That is the wild card. If dinner is something substantial and delicious, so exactly the opposite of what the NBA players have been getting at disney world, then that would make up for a lacking lunch. In summary, it would totally depend on your hotel.


For comfort, hotel beds are a dime a dozen. It might not be great, but it will most certainly be good enough. Now sticklers might make a point of saying they need their pillow. Fine, bring your own pillow, it's not that hard. Certain amenities would be required, specifically a work out room (a real one, not those found in hotels now) and an INDOOR pool. I don't want an outdoor pool. There is too much uncertainty surrounding the weather. Indoor pool=indoor rules!!


These are the demands for amenities should we enter the bubble.



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