Glass adding to Ottawa's hot start

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While many people had predicted that Ottawa was likey a playoff team entering the season after a great draft that they had, many out there did not see them as a top team or a cup contender but so far, through the first quarter of the season, the team is definitely at least looking the part! Many players so far have stepped up to make the Lynx as good as they are and it appears everything is clicking for these players right now and the chemistry is great. One of those players that has made an impact is a last season waiver signing in Lexi Glass, the Estonian Princess on ice. The young Estonian female player is one of many female players so far this season in the VHLM and while Glass may not be the best of them, she certainly is not the worst either and has had a big impact in the league so far. Through 21 games, Glass had scored 13 goals along with 6 assists for a total of 19 points. At about 29% of the season completed, she is currently on pace for about 44 goals this season and about 65 points which would be tremendous for the youngster just in her first full season. She would near the top 30 in Ottawa history in goals after just one season and depending on where she is drafted to, could flirt with a 50 goal season again next year as well if she stays down meaning she could near 100 career goals for the Lynx which would put her in the top 10 in franchise history! While it remains to be seen if the pace will keep up, it is generally believed that Glass and the Lynx are just getting started. Watch out!

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