Where could Glass be drafted?

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It is extremely early to be thinking about the next VHL draft but we are going to here to start some speculations on which teams would want to have the talented Estonian Right Winger on their team! 


According to the Live Season 74 Draft Class Rankings, Lexi Glass is currently ranked 10th out of everyone in the glass. Based on position (Winger is deep) and the fact that I have not been great with my first two players I will give myself a slight handicap of likely 3-5 picks meaning Lexi would fall somewhere in between the 13th or 15th pick in the draft, still.higher than the 18th in the VHLM draft!


I don't know if anyone has traded picks but under the current standings, picks 13-15 would be Helsinki, Riga, and Davos which would be at the latter half of the first round in the VHL Draft. This would mean Glass would immediately be picked up by a contending team which likey has her waiting another season down in the VHLM. 


Helsinki Currently has 2 Right wingers on the roster but one of them is retiring in a couple seasons due to age so it's definitely a spot Glass could fit in well and made a sooner impact rather than later, but still likely a Season 75 timeline. Riga in general is a pretty old team and if they're wanting to retool for the future someone like Glass could help them do just that, with the aging roster however, I don't think Glass would make an impact until season 75 but Riga is close to her native country of Estonia! Davos does not have any right wingers on the team but do have some young left wingers. They also have some retiring forwards. Out of all these teams mentioned, Davos may give Glass the best chance to step in as a true rookie in Season 74 as a 2nd line winger. I still believe however most teams will have Lexi play Season 75 in the VHLM but maybe not if she improves enough!

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