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GM 163 - Philly @ San Diego - Angellini's Big First


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In the early goings of S73, Pietro Angellini has been on a monstrous pace. On target to flirt with a 150-Point Season in the VHLM, Angellini is blossoming into an elite Centerman with his eyes on the Bigs next season with Moscow. In Game 163 of S73, Angellini's San Diego Marlins faced off with a personal rival of Pietro's, the Philadelphia Reapers. We caught up with Pietro after the game:


Interviewer: "I don't think I have ever seen you play quite as hard as you did tonight, Pietro. Can you tell us what had you so motivated?"


PA: "Things were just going well for us out there. I was having fun with my boys on the ice. Passes were tape-to-tape, forechecking was phenomenal, we were just on tonight. I couldn't tell you exactly what it might have been."


Interviewer: "We have been following you since the start, Pietro. Last year in Mississauga, the Philly Reapers were your kryptonite. Are you telling me last season wasn't in the back of your mind tonight? At least a little bit?"


PA: "I always try to play in the present. Past, future, hard to determine. I can control the now. But, yeah, you got me. I had a bit of a grudge from the happenings of last season. It was nice for us to play so well tonight against Philly."


Interviewer: "3 Goals, 2 Assists, a +3, 2 PIMs, 2 Hits, and ELEVEN SHOTS! Not to mention your 27 faceoff wins out of 39. YOUR FIRST HAT TRICK IN THE VHLM! You were a man possessed tonight!"


PA: "Like I said, I was feeling it out there with the guys. It is hard not to succeed when you have guys like Merrick @Steve and my boy Lucifer @InstantRockstar out there grinding. I think Luci and I shared 4 scoring plays tonight. There is definitely some chemistry coming along with us. Even our new addition, BuildHelp @BuildHelpAnum got his first goal tonight. Love to see it, man."


Interviewer: "Huge wins for the Marlins. The scoresheet has been in your favor recently, 7-3 in your last 10 games. I think you might be on to something with the chemistry you're talking about. What have you guys been doing differently?"


PA: "Same mantra. Get better everyday. We all push each other to be better. We watch gametape every day, we hit morning skates hard and train even harder off the ice. We're all here to get better together and it's great to be in such a supportive atmosphere. Our GM @InstantRockstar and our new AGM @Moose have given us every opportunity to make history this season for San Diego and every last player is on board."


Interviewer: "Great to see such a tight knit group. You and HJK @Dtayl been getting on any of that Soju lately to celebrate?"


PA: "Man, I had to tell Han we need to save that stuff for when we win the Cup this season. Han and I will fill the Founder full of Soju!"



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