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The Art of War 4: Wait There's More??

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“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” - Sun Tzu


I would often count the days I would be reunited with the Houston Bulls. I personally have a deep connection with Houston. They did give me a chance to play in this league and the friends I made there are still my friends with me to this day. Even if the S72 Houston Bulls sucked, we had a good time. Now that I'm playing for Ottawa, all I could do is plan to make my reunion "memorable" so to say. Before the first meeting between Houston and Ottawa began, I sneaked into the Houston locker room and went to work. A week before hand, I had commissioned someone to make a poster for me with the captions of "Jiggs reign supreme" and then photo copied a bunch of them to fill out the locker room.  I also decided to make a banner that simply said "Also I missed you guys!" just to let them know. So I went into the Houston locker room, and posted those posters all over the place and hoisted the banner. At this point, I wondered how far I can go before I get suspended or fined for something. Anyways, the reason as to why I captioned the poster "Jiggs reign supreme" is to let the new players know that I was one of the predecessors who played before them. I also placed copies of the poster on the locker room seats just so they can take one home. Once I was done, I still had some time before the players would come in to do pregame skates. So I decided to tape my good friend Drew Minott's and my former teammate, Riley Knight Gee's skates. Soon enough, it would be game time. The game was rather hard fought. I got to talk to Minner a bit and generally had a good time as I always do. Ultimately, we lost the game 2-1. What's insult to injury is that when we lost, I remember Minner chirping at me saying "Who reigns supreme now??" Youch that hurt. I knew that I would meet them again, and I promised to myself and my teammates that we will win the next game, and I would have the last laugh for now.


The schedule of the VHLM had the two teams meet up again a lot more earlier than I had initially expected. So I didn't have too much time to plan something elaborate. I know I promised that our next game would be a win, but there was no guarantee. Sure me and my teammates would likely want to even up the regular season series, but we can't do that unless we stop the charging bulls offense. Even so, the prank I planned to pull was meant to be an insult to injury when and if Houston loses in that game. If we lose, then I'll hold off the prank until when we do win against them. Soon enough the opening faceoff would begin. When I looked around the bench, I could see that my teammates were driven to win. That's when I realized that we had this game. Though let's be real. This isn't a personal in-game experience, people want to get to the pranks.


Sure enough, the game would be won 5-2. We had limited the high-powered Houston offense to two goals. My second prank against Houston would soon come into effect. I had bought boxes and boxes of sea salt. The ones you buy in a grocery store. I had bought so much that the cashier just had a confused look and probably thought I was doing a YouTube video. That wasn't the case but it would be a good video idea. When the Houston Bulls would enter the locker room after the end of the game, they would be met with stacks and stacks of salt boxes blocking the entrance. Adding insult to injury, there was a paper taped on the blocked entrance saying "Who reigns supreme now??  -Drew Minott." Some may think that it would be impossible for me to stack that many boxes before the team went into the locker room when the game ends. That would be right. I would need at least half a period's worth of time before I could properly stack them and to tape the message. I simply can't be playing a game and pulling a prank in two different areas at the same time. This is where my accomplice would come in. Yes, I had help in this one. I had somehow convinced the equipment manager to get in on the prank. Of course I payed him a handsome amount of money for being a genuine great guy and for helping me out, but he was the one who stacked the salt while I played the game. The plan, as all thing should be, went perfect. I remember Minner messaging me a picture of the prank once I got home and all I could do was laugh my ass off. I know he would likely bite me back one way or another, though at least we had a good laugh afterwards and he even got a free box of salt to cook food with!


(Also I will do pranks against my own team eventually lol. They aren't exempted from my pranks~)



(908 words)


@DreMin15 @KnightRiley I'm sorry XD


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