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It's Time to End This Corrupt Regime (Bring Back Chat)


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Fighters of chat, discord and forums, leaders of the revolution and of the legions, men and women of VHL, of the empire and of the Kingdom of Victor, listen! The hour destined by fate is sounding for us. The hour of irrevocable decision has come. A declaration of war already has been handed to the users of chat.


We take the field against the plutocratic and reactionary blue team who always have blocked the march and frequently plotted against the existence of the people of chat.


Several decades of recent history may be summarized in these words: Phrases, promises, threats of blackmail, and finally, crowning that ignoble edifice, the League of Nations of fifty-two sim leagues.


Our conscience is absolutely clear.


With you, the entire world is witness that the VHL of fascism has done everything humanly possible to avoid the tempest that envelops sim leagues, but all in vain. It would have sufficed to revise treaties to adapt them to changing requirements vital to nations and not consider them untouchable for eternity.


It would have sufficed not to begin the stupid policy of guarantees, which proved particularly deadly for those who accepted them. It would have sufficed not to reject the proposal of the SBA [Molholt] made July 28 after the campaign in VHL discord ended.


Now all that belongs to the past. If today we have decided to take the risks and sacrifices of war, it is because the honor, interests, and future firmly impose it since a great people is truly such if it considers its obligations sacred and does not avoid the supreme trails that determine the course of history. We are taking up arms, after having solved the problem of our lack of communication options. We want to break the territorial and military chains that confine us in our sea because a country of hundreds of VHL members is not truly free if it has not free access to the chat.


This gigantic conflict is only a phase of the logical development of our revolution. It is the conflict of poor, numerous peoples who labor against discord who ferociously cling to a monopoly of all VHL communication on earth.


I solemnly declare that VHL does not intend to drag other peoples bordering on her by basketball or football into the conflict. SBA, SHL, EFL, and GOMHL, take note of these words of mine. It depends on them and only on them if these words are rigorously confirmed or not.


On this eve of an event of import for centuries, we turn our thoughts to His Majesty, the King and Emperor, who always has understood the thought of the country. Lastly, we salute the new dictator, the former chief of the VHL, who can end this chat madness. Bring back the Victatorship!

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