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STHS Grunts W2


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STHS Grunts Week Two

Welcome back to this weeks segment of STHS Grunts! Where we look at the teams playing out of their mind and other teams playing out of their mind. Because this weeks edition is so close our previous episode, they will be very close in terms of standings. 


Green = Standings at the end of the seasons using point %

Orange = Standings according to total TPA in the locker room



We can see that even though Miami has 1,152 TPA more than Houston, the two teams are tied in potential points for the end of the season. This .com series proves that TPA isn't everything. What's even more interesting is that the TPA in both conferences is almost dead even.  


Eastern Conference TPA =  12,008

Western Conference TPA = 12,466



PHI :phi: +4

HOU :hou: +3

Lva :veg: 2


Philadelphia leads the risers this week as the first consecutive riser in STHS Grunts history! Which is really surprising because they're literally at the bottom of the league in terms of TPA. Yet they sit in a playoff spot. There is only one answer to why the team is doing so well. John Poremba. His GAA is pretty high at 4.01, but he sits atop the league with a .916 save %.


Following the Reapers at number two is the Bulls! For most people this isn't surprising. They are regarded as one of the top teams in the league who can rival that of even Miami. Houstons deep scoring and solid goaltending keep them three spots above where they should be.


We have Las Vegas making their first entry into this list in the third risers spot. Their strength seems to be the defensive pairing of Akerstrom and Crosby. The defensive backbone of the team, who post a combined +32 and have contributed 22 and 10 points respectively. 



SSK :ssk: -4

YUK :yuk:  -3

MIN :osl: -1


Congratulations Saskatoon for overtaking Yukon as this weeks STHS Grunt! The Western conference is full of surprises and Saskatoon is definitely one of them. As everyone boggles over Houston's success, let me take the time to remind you who should be in their stead. The Wild have a great team. They've been built very well. Maybe some line changes or trades to shake up the locker room is in order. 


Hello Yukon fans. Every year that I've been part of this league, I've known Yukon as being in the bottom half of the league. Their last Founder's Cup was in S59. And ever since S65, they have only won three trophies. Not to say that Yukon hasn't ever been good. They have a deep history going all the way back to S31. It would just be nice to see some success in the near future for this team. 


I hear you Minnesota fans. You're telling me you should be tied with Halifax because you're both one spot below in the standings where you should be. I play my reverse Uno card! Halifax probably won't be making the playoffs, which means that you being a spot below will make you face a stronger team come playoff time! You dropping a spot means more than Halifax dropping a spot. Take that! Being a really good theoretical team can be a bit of a curse. For this series, it's very easy to fall if you're at the top. At the end of the day it's only one spot. 


The incorrect formatting on LVA is intentional. No, I'm not going to "fix" it ;). 


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