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Pengu's Frustrations


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Pengu of the Riga Reign reporting in with nothing but frustration and awe at the game. The guilty ridden forward looks at his performance and shakes his head. "Why do I take so many shots?!" exclaimed Pengu, "And why do none of them make it in?!"


Bewildered, confused, and lost little penguin Pengu is unsure why he can't support the Reign like they did when they won the cup last season. It's been nothing but heartache. I want to help my team, and I'm unsure why I can't get into the zone! I create, I defend, and when I think it's time to make a shot... I miss.


Obviously, no player wants to go through this and Pengu is still relatively finding his flippers. The only thing this young'un can do is just wait. Time will heal all wounds. Time will get Pengu the experience he needs at his new role. Patience is key and Pengu will learn this... in time.

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