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Mexico City AGM


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It's not every day you are named as the General Manager of your minors club, but yesterday I was blessed with that honour. Mexico City is a place that I am proud to call my home, and the friendships that I have made there will outlast any player career or GM tenure. I spent the first two season's in Mexico with my 1st generation player, and the person who I have chosen to be my AGM was there with me throughout the entire experience. Both of us joined this league with absolutely zero prior knowledge of how a sim league worked, or what it even was. With the help of @Motzaburger and some great new friends that I made (you know who you are), we made it the best locker room we possibly could. I want to continue to build up the culture of Mexico City that we have created, and there is nobody who I trust more to do that with me than



This also has the added benefit of opening up two AGM spots for those users that are hungry for a job, with my previous spot in New York now open, and Rory's position in Mississauga open as well.


-Hylands, Mexico City GM

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Feels good to be home! Thank you to Cole for the opportunity and expertise you have shared with me, but having the opportunity to work with my friend in our home is one that I cannot let slip away.

Let's go ??!!

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