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VHLM Goalie Spotlight - Week 2

lil OG z

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#3. :usa: Calvin Harvey :osl:

Harvey was one of the more successful goalies this week and ended with a record of 8-2-1, in this time he was able to get 3 perfect games to bring his shutout total to 5 and giving him the top spot on the leader board, the Storm have been a monster of late and the 24 total wins prove it but the lack of shots against leave their goalie left out of save percentage talk although we see him hold a solid 2.14 goals against through these games and currently sits 3rd for goals against.


#2. :swe: Nils Friedriksen :veg: 

The Las Vegas Aces have been a juggernaut recently and half the reason is Nils, stopping shots from impossible angles, flying from side to side stopping one-timers and helping his team with win streaks against tougher opponents we see a focused goaltender ready for action every puck drop. Expect to see the same from him as the season goes on because the Aces don't seem like they exerted any energy thus far, Friedriksen currently sits 3rd in shutouts and has a save percentage close to .900 and a solid 2.69 goals against average. This week we saw him win 8 times in regulation and the only losses he took was 2 in overtime, giving his team the edge in the standings they desperately need if they want a home seed (leads league in overtime losses)


#1. IN.png Ajay Krishna :ott:

He played well last week and continued his success through the following 10 games, winning 9 times and added another couple of shutouts to his resume.. Ajay is on fire! His save percentage and goals against stayed relativity the same but the Ottawa Lynx are only getting better and if Krishna can keep it the good work the chances of being mentioned at the awards are much higher, he is tied for 1st for assists and 2nd for GAA right now with plenty of tricks left in his bag.


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