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Disappointed or not?


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Lee Xin, a rookie in the VHLM has been seen slightly frustrated on and off ice. What’s the reason though? He has 26 points in 33 games so far and that’s not too bad for a rookie, right? Many are left wondering with what’s going on. Some days are good but some are down right bad. Against Houston and Miami which is game 168 and 169 respectively, Lee Xin did well with a combined 5 points. It was like he held grudges against them.


Indeed, he did but it didn’t make him furious enough to do so well. On some days he has just 1 or even 0 points in 2 games. This isn’t going to be good for a player entering the VHL entry draft. “Well, you managed to spot it I guess, sharp eyes!” he jokingly said during an interview. He further added that he wasn’t holding grudges but just wants to play his best for the team. “I’m just slightly disappointed at my production, I know I can do better. My teammates and GM have been really supportive and told me that it’s just a small issue that will be fixed in the end. So taking that advice, I just look to contribute to the team but no matter what is said, I still feel a little disappointed.” Those are the words of a rookie still trying to prove his abilities.

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