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S72 Prague Phantoms Team Awards


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Announcing the S72 Prague Phantoms Team Awards as voted by the players:


Best Defenseman

Tie - Cinnamon Block, Wolf Stansson Jr, Seabass Perrin

@omgitshim, @Cornholio, @Seabass


It’s fitting that the “Big 3” on the Prague backend share this award. Block, Stansson Jr, and Perrin have patrolled the Phantoms’ blueline together for the past four seasons and have gelled into one of the most formidable two-way units in the league. All three defensemen had over 60 points in S72 which placed them all in the top five in team scoring and top 20 among league defensemen. They also provide a major physical presence as they each racked up over at least 119 hits and penalty minutes. They drive the Phantoms’ offense and defense and are well-respected leaders in the locker room.


Unsung Hero

Tie – Gary Tarantino, Ben McGirr

@Garrett, @cartoes


These two Phantoms seemed to fly under the radar as offensive threats but that is exactly what they became as two of Prague’s key depth scorers. McGirr tied for second on the team with 27 goals while Tarantino potted 13 of his own. The pair were a force on the power play as they tied each other for fourth on the team in power play goals with seven each. They also each scored two game-winners.


Most Energetic

Ondrej Ohradka



S72 was a breakout year for the Slovakian winger who more than doubled his previous career-highs for goals, assists, and points. He did a little bit of everything for the Phantoms: played on special teams, blocked shots, dangled in the shootout, and took face-offs. He led the team in shooting percentage, was tied for the lead in game-winning goals (6), was tied for second on the team in goals (27), and was third in power play goals (9). He played every shift with energy and intensity and brought that energy into the locker room as well.  


Most Gentlemanly

Tie – Thomas Landry II, Seabass Perrin, Ondrej Ohradka

@Doomsday, @Seabass, @animal74


Even though each of these Phantoms played hard and were among the team’s physical leaders, they were the pinnacle of sportsmanship and were gentlemen on and off the ice. They became a trifecta of intensely vocal leaders in the locker room while also being encouraging and upbeat.


Most Valuable Player

Roll Fizzlebeef



For the second year in a row, the Phantoms’ MVP was a veteran player who left it all on the ice before skating off into the horizon toward retirement. Like Brick Wahl before him, Fizzlebeef proved he had plenty of sizzle left as he led the Phantoms in scoring with a career-high of 76 points and led Prague forwards with a career-high of 50 assists. His consistently excellent play and quiet leadership helped guide the Phantoms through a trying season.


Phantom of the Year

Ondrej Ohradka



While Ohradka would argue that there are teammates that were more deserving of this award, nonetheless, the Phantoms voted the young winger as the Phantom of the Year. Since the trade from Calgary that brought him to Prague, Ohradka has made every effort to help build the Phantoms into a contender whether it’s been his play on the ice, his dedication to better himself and his Phamily, his edification in the locker room or his attitude during winning streaks and slumps. His team-first mentality has endeared himself to Prague players and fans alike.


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