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Did somebody leave a window open?


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Or is the reason why Helsinki Titans feel a breeze on their necks the fact that so many of the league sucks at the moment? Boom, roasted.


It's true though, Helsinki has won nine games in a row! For comparison, the second-longest winning streak at the moment is Seattle's cute four-game streak, so Titans are clearly the hottest team in the league right now, which also shows in the standings. During this amazing run, Helsinki has moved to the first position in the European division, 24 wins and 49 points from 35 games is a great total.  Davos is second with 47 points and Riga third with 44.


Over in North-America New York and Seattle both also have 49 points, so Helsinki is tied for number one spot in the whole league! Or if we are completely honest I guess Helsinki is the first because both New York and Seattle have 23 wins, and Helsinki with the cool 24 wins.


Can Helsinki keep the streak alive today? Away game against Calgary is not an easy task and after that comes a home game as Los Angeles comes to visit. Both are tough games as Calgary wants to keep up with New York and Seattle, meanwhile Los Angeles is still in the race for playoff spot.




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