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Moscow Punch Past Toronto


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                            In what started out as a well played hockey game, ended in what looked like a bar room brawl as the Menace squeezed by the Legion 2-0 in Toronto last night in a game that include 80 minutes of penalty time.

In the first period, Moscow got on the board while on the power play on a goal by Lucas Brandt, his 15th , set up by Vladimir Pavlov and Dean Clarke at 14:51.

                          In the 2nd period the Menace cushioned their lead, once again on a power play goal, this time from Ryo Yamazuki II ,his 13th of the season, assisted by Nate Telker and Henrik Zoiderberg at 15:13.

                         Late in the third period, Dean Clarke took a nasty high stick from Toronto's C2. Nate Telker retaliated with a cross check on Tor C2 and then the gloves were off. Moscow's Vin Calia squared off against Gabriel Gutzwiler in what was a heavy weight match. Moscow Ryo Yamazuki II threw hands with Toronto D2 after Toronto D2 jumped in as Calia pummeled Gutzwiler. Vladamir Pavlov squared off against Tor LW2 and Dean Clarke received a boarding penalty as well. A few players can possibly face suspension in the ugly scene that  unfortunately took all the attention when it should have been on the terrific performance by Menace goaltender Raymond Bernard who stopped all 42 shots he faced for the shutout.

                         Lets hope the Menace aren't to banged up for their game tonight against the Phoenix in Chicago.


 Written by Scoop Calia.

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