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Marlins on a little roll


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:sdm:Marlins Rolling:sdm:



The Marlins have been rolling the past few days, putting up six straight wins, while also going 9-1 in their last ten games. While only two of those ten games feature an opponent that was ahead of them in the standings, rattling off nine wins in the last ten games is nothing to scoff at in professional sports.


San Diego has been one of the best offensive teams in the VHLM in the first thirty-three games this season, putting up 138 points, good enough for a tie with Saskatoon for the third highest goals for total in the league. The Marlins have been lead off season long and more so over the past ten games by their two headed monster down the middle of the ice. Marlins captain Pietro Angellini and fellow centerman John Merrick are currently the top two scorers on the Marlins roster, with just one point separating the two centerman. Angellini currently has the slight edge over Merrick with twenty-six goals and thirty-seven assist for sixty-three points. While Merrick on the other hand leads the Marlins with twenty-nine points to go along with his thirty-three assists, good for sixty-two points on the season.


With only five points separating the Marlins from the first place Miami Marauders, the Marlins will hopefully continue to string together the wins and continue to progress up the standings.



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