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Big Deal


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James Rose


London, England


Late night, August 5th


Around 10 PM


Phone buzzes, it's a group message from the GM...


Today is a sad day, as one of our original players leaves London.

After much thought, we decided to send Guy Lesieur back to the Dragons.

As we look to being a force in the future, we got back a draft asset.

He will be more useful to a contending team like the Dragons.


...holy shit, not that I'm not surprised, but he was actually traded...


I got on the phone with the general manager and discussed what happened.  After a productive discussion, I came to accept the fact that this was best for the long-term future of the franchise.  I was already pretty tired from having played in three games that day and I was very productive in trying to get good results.


The next day, I wasn't so good.  We won a game (against Lesieur and the Dragons, ironically), but I was sloppy.  It sure showed in that shutout loss against New York.


I just have to remember to stay positive.  He was the top dog, now the weight is way more on all our shoulders.  I'm going to miss having him on our side, he made our transitions to the VHL that much easier to deal with.  He was pretty great in practice with us and showed us what's possible for us young guys here.


It was a Big Deal, but I can't make that much of a big deal out of the Big Deal, or else it's going to be a big deal.


Guy, I'll miss having you around scoring goals


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            Pretty good read from the start. Found one sentence that I would have worded differently. (He was pretty great in practice with us) It was doesn't sound right to me. I might have said (He was great with us in practice or He was pretty good with us in practice. Maybe I'm nit picking a bit, but it sounds a bit funny. Other then that, it was pretty interesting. He gave you the feel of a young player trying to adjust to a mentor and highly respected vet being dealt. I liked it.   7.5/10

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