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Elsby's Rookie Experience

Spence King

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Elsby.png?width=905&height=574Credit to @Zetterberg

This Is honestly all still too surreal. I could have never imagined my career playing out as amazingly and wouldn’t change anything, the people that helped me get here today have given me the opportunity to live out my childhood dreams. As a young boy growing up in Finland you always dream of playing for the Helsinki Titans and the stars aligned on draft day on what seems like yesterday back in S72 after a very surprising draft experience for myself personally. The man that recruited me to the VHL , helped me get started with everything and capping out each week and the most supplemental tasks possible making sure my player is the best he can be, This man also expressed to me his disappointment he would not have the picks to draft me because Helsinki would be picking when I would be long gone off the board. However, that was not the case and I was up on stage putting on the Titans Jersey with my Mentor both of us smiling ear to ear knowing the incredible future to come. After a strong sophomore season as the Captain of the Philadelphia Reapers and a long playoff run ending in a Game 7OTL. SSK would go on to win the Founders Cup in the finals after a series for the ages between The Historic S72 Reaper team including VHL Rookie stars Adam Syreck @Spade18, Defenzz Mann @Mike, @Big Bob BobHelminen and Spencer Elsby @Spence King and the eventual S72 VHLM Playoff Champion Saskatoon Wild @a_Ferk timothyBrown, @twists LucasBrandt, @AdvantageTylerWalker and the star @Sharkstrong Grekkark Gyrfalcon. That series could have and truly should have been the finals. It was some AMAZING hockey. Now here I am 37 GP into my VHL Rookie Season with the Titans registering 4 goals and 18 assists for 22 PTS and a whopping 99 team leading Blocked Shots. Summers, Bolonee , Daldo , Anderson all of the Dmen here have tought me something even if they don’t know it. I am so proud and happy with the amazing veteran experience here and the opportunity to learn and play with such legendary players. The league can’t help but take notice Elsby’s Powerplay Domination with 4 PPG and already registering his first VHL career 2 Goal game as well as most of his points coming on the special teams and a GWG to add. Elsby’s ability to QB the PP has been nothing but evident and some analysts have stated potential the best PP player in the league and without a doubt going to be a legendary PP QB. “This has always been where I excel the most , my IQ allows me to see everything unfolding before it happens and seeing passing lanes and creating shooting lanes that no one else sees , my deception takes teams off guard using my eyes and body positioning to make plays and create scoring opportunities that no one else sees are there, but its just natural to me”-Spencer Elsby during an Interview after his most recent game playing the LA Stars. Lastly and most definitely not the least important , this 11 game win streak is truly surreal to be apart of , the teamwork we have right now is like none ive ever felt and the chemistry and roster @Jubo07has put together is nothing short of legendary.

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