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Kate Upton Playing Hockey?


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So uhhh, I need TPE for Affliate Check in the EFL and SBA so it's time to ramble for a solid 150 words, wish me luck. But I know close to nothing about hockey. I live in Australia and the only  American Sports I follow passionately is Basketball and I'm a fan of the NFL but hockey, no clue. Well I joined here only to claim the Affliate Check every month but I decided to play for Mexico just cause all the SBA boys joined and Kate Upton who is my player decided to commit to there. Now by the looks of it, we suck but I expect us to slowly get better and be decent next season. Now I only log in like once a week to claim the Affliate PT but I just decided to check out the stats and I don't even know if I'm playing good for a defender under 100 TPE. I've only played like 20 games but I scored a game and I have like 11 Assist which I guess must be decent and by the looks of it Kate seems to be doing some body checks (Who wouldn't like to get body checked  by Kate Upton.) Now I seem that's all i have to talk about, I don't know much about this league to go on for too long but Kate Upton is playing hockey and that's all that needs to be noticed. Know I'll guess I'll stop writing and see you next month when I need to do the Affliate Check once again. 

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