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Marlins Progress Report


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33 games into the season and the San Diego Marlins seem to have found their rhythm and they are grooving quite nicely with one another. While some familiar faces from the rebuilding team returned, most of the team was formed throughout the draft and a trade or two and it is clear that drafting seems to be some of the best strats around. We're going to look at some of the key contributors of the team based on their stats: 


Goals: John Merrick (29), Pietro Angellini (26), Roadkill Steve (24)

Assists: Han Jae Kuk (44), Pietro Angellini (37), Lucifer Olivier Leveque (37)

Points: Pietro Angellini (63), John Merrick (62), Lucifer Olivier Leveque (50)

+/-: John Merrick (+29), Lucifier Olivier Leveque (+25), Pietro Angellini (+21)

HITS: John LeClair II (163), Joakim Lund (95), Lester Green (90)


As we can see, there is a clear "top line" factor going on in San Diego, while the playing minutes are maxed for most if not all the major names on the team, the forward core is heavily lead by that of 1st overall pick John Merrick and former 42nd overall pick and tradee Pietro Angellini


On the defense side of things, the pairing of Lucifier Olivier Leveque and Han Jae Kuk seem to be working their magic as they help the team secure some crucial points. 


Finally our big heavy hitter with almost a 100 hit lead on our second place John LeClair II is showing people how its done, we're seeing signs of former Marlin Thomas Landry II who was the toughest man in the VHLM during his stint with us. 


Overall, an amazing group, everyone is active and having fun and just good times, and we're going to continue. 

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