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S73 Team Europe Roster

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GM of Europe - Hello and thank you for joining me today, it was hard and I went back and forth deciding but tried to construct a team the fans would respect and enjoy watching, after figuring out a strategy and finally finishing my list it looks like the Europeans are going to have a lot of shooters matched with active players that deserved it, without further adue I'm thrilled to annouce the WJC roster..





:hou: Venus Thightrap ??



:hou: Julian Nousiainan :fin:



:mck: Wolf Weiss ??



Coach Eriksson "Good enough, could be better.. They're very young and we might stumble at the beginning but give them a few more training sessions and the middle of the ice will be our strong suit by the end of the juniors."





:mal: Michael James Frostbeard ??


:hou: Aloe Dear ??



:ott: S. Kuchar SK.png

 @S. Kuchar


Coach Udris "The left side should be a treat to watch in the crowd or on television, we have VHLer and already established Frostbeard, Dear whose been dedicated to the game since day one and a fan favorite, also an elusive Kuchar filling in the third spot."





:ssk: Jesper Norberg :swe:



:mia: Patrik Laine :fin: 



:veg: Onde Sandstrom :swe:



Coach Udris "This is where our goal scoring will come from and all of these players know how to get open for the shot. We have full confidence in thier abilty to compete and are still figuring out different shooting patterns for them so the opposition isn't expecting the usual out of these gentlemen."





:cal: Kosmo Kramerev UA.png



:que: Micah Adrienne NL.png



:ssk: Emi Rune :gbr: 


:hou: Shawty Nananana NO.png



GM of Europe - Despite not having the largest pool of blueliners it was very difficult to select the right builds for the job, after sorting through options I was able to select both new and older prospects with an edge to thier game that suits the team dynamic I imagined in my office.





:veg: Nils Friedriksen :swe:



:phi: Piero Angela IT.png



Coach Bruun "I've worked with Friedriksen before and I think he can do without my assistance, can't really tell a back-to-back champ how to play.. Happy to give my full attention to Angela so he will be game ready if the duty calls."



GM of Europe - Again thanks to all the fans for tuning in, our roster may be younger than previous tournaments but I really like the locker room looks and I know they will perform like veterans, congratulaions everyone, see you at practice!

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