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S73 Team Canada Roster


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Congrats to everyone named to TEAM CANADA for the S73 World Juniors! There were some tough choices for sure, so many good ole' Canadian boys. 




Without further ado... Here is our roster!



Jeffery Pines @rory | Jay Jones @TTtheT | Groovy Dood @bigAL
Jer Lefebvre @Jer_Lefebvre | Dakota Lamb @dlamb | Arthur Dayne @Infernal

John Brewitt @JBrew42 | Andre LeBastard @Andre LeBastard | Michael Hall @Hops



Tyler Walker @Advantage | Matty Socks @fishy

Riley Knight Gee @KnightRiley | James Rose @MattyIce



Jacob Tonn @MexicanCow123

Jean Pierre Camus @solas



Congrats again to all the selected players, let's win a gold medal!



Discord Link: https://discord.gg/nmjSgk

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1 hour ago, MexicanCow123 said:

What's the max TPE? I thought I wouldn't be eligible.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure for S73 players or newer there is no TPE limit. Anyone else has to be in the VHLM to be eligible.



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