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S73 Team USA Roster


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:usa: S73 WJC Team USA Roster :usa:

American Flag Usa GIF by MOODMAN


Well, after waiting on the other GM's to name their rosters in the HQ, we finally got the green light to announce our teams officially to the VHL public (if you haven't noticed). Heading into this seasons tournament, Team USA looks pretty damn healthy, full of great players and members to chase the gold. I'm hoping for a very strong showing from Team USA on all levels and hope that the team is ready to bring the hype and make this a very fun experience for all - DESPITE... USA BEING NUMBER ONE! USA USA USACongrats to those names. Good efforts so far to make it here in your careers. Let's chase that gold and keep kicking ass!


C | 319 | John Merrick @Steve

C | 306| Pietro Angellini @okifenoki

C | 265| Kevin King  @IamMOOSE


W | 272 | Jeff Blaze  @NyQuil

W | 266 | Keith Krestanovich @Boragina

W | 196 | Gary Rush  @G_Rush

W | 334 | Adam Syreck  @Spade18

W | 271 | Cole Newhook  @GrittyIsKing09

W | 172 | John LeClair II @flyersfan1453


D | 266 | Shawn Glade III  @ShawnGlade

D | 247 | Chance Rust  @turkey2349

D | 176 | Lester Green @Smarch

D | 140 | Roseann Petal  @Psanchez55


G | 253| Calvin Harvey  @Mrpenguin30

G | 253 | John Poremba @CrlineDijohn14




Want to know more about USA? Don't be afraid to click me.

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