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Being A Low Earner


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I am a fan of experiencing different things. In the main leagues I am in, I am ultra hardcore, topping the draft class with ease on everyone of them. I am solid with games and I did hard research by dedicating times to check the numbers and shit. Thus, I am wanted in those leagues, maybe not at first but definitely after I have built up my TPE. It's fun feeling wanted, even though GMs are just sweet nectar suckers who will throw you away with ease after you are useless.


That's what I learnt from EFL, where I am a garbage semi-earner there. I finally experienced being the unwanted, the player no one cares about and GMs don't even care to talk to me or put me into the Discord LR. It's an experience I am glad to have, cuz it's just tell you the brutal truth of human nature.


It also makes Elmeback(RIP his soul cuz I heard he passed away between my time here) one of a kind. Of all the GMs I had in EFL and VHL, where I am just a trash-ass semi-earner, he's the one who talked to me like a genuine person. Maybe it's the minors where GMs are more friendly in my experience and not above, maybe the VHL GMs up there will see me as trash too when I was drafted, but for now, I can at least see that there are good people in sim league, and that's good enough.


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