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Minner Minute Episode 6: Week of August 9, 2020


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Hello everyone, welcome back to Minner Minute! I apologize for missing the past week, I had life goings that caused me to not have time for the MinMin. With that out of the way, this is Minner Minute, where I answer as many of your questions in a minute or less. Let's get started!


Submitted by User: al29nghd: Hi, now that we've just passed the halfway point in the season, how are you feeling? 


Well, I'm feeling really good about it. We just took first place in the league, which is the biggest upgrade I could have asked for after last year. I'm very excited for the future of this team.


Submitted by User: HornzU9: Who would you say is your biggest rival on or off the ice?


For sure would be Miami. We're both some of the top teams in the league and there's a bit of a personal tune to it. I know that myself and Patrik Laine have a bit of a friendly beef going on. He's yet to score a goal on me. However, in terms of teams, they to like to throw a few dirty hits. It's only a matter of time until a line brawl breaks out with these teams,  and let me just give a warning to Bacon. You don't wanna fight a southern boy. I'll leave it at that.


Thank you all again for coming to episode 6 of Minner Minute. Again, I apologize for missing last week. I will try not to do so again. If you have any questions for next week, please feel free to send them in! Have a good day or night, and goodbye!

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