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ODE to Sterling


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What can I say about the ol man himself that hasn't already been said. Sterling and I have gone way back because we've been in the league forever. One of the OG's of the VHL and one of the single most decorated members of our board. You may not always like what he had to say, but you respected it because he saw things and still does see things plain and simple. A man of few words at time and those words are usually "You're banned". However, Sterling's history with many roles and many Hall of Fame players is why he is brought up when discussions of best member ever come up. I've had the pleasure of playing on his team multiple times and although he didn't talk much in the Lockeroom, he was a veteran presence who never lacked information about the sim engine. I think this man is owed a slow golf clap (mostly because he is old), so for this I think we raise a glass to @sterling for his board presence and efforts to keep this league afloat in some down times!

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23 hours ago, flyersfan1453 said:

Funny thing is 75% of our current members probably have no idea who @sterling is, other than the money guy who hides in the shadows.


Honestly since I've been in the league it's always felt like Sterling is less the name of a guy and more just a reputation. A sterling reputation I'll add.

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