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VHLM Goalie Spotlight - Week 3

lil OG z

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HN.png Doug Dimmadome Marlins_vCpIIA4.png

Keeping the puck of the net was an understatement for this player and was able to only allow 2.2 goals against accross these games, plus a 13 shot shutout where we almost saw our first netminder to fall asleep and another one with just 7 shots that went towards the net. Consistent habits and a full team effort gave the Marlins a push closer to the top, 8 wins were recorded in this time and he had a save percentage of 88.9.



:usa: Drew Minott HOU.png.c63c99609f2d60f007072a351f94e169
Ending the week with a save percentage of 90.4 and a 2.7 GAA, we saw a goaltender shining more than usual with a winning menalty that helped his team continue to lead the league with 9 wins in 10 games. Averaging 22.9 shots against and a couple of big games where we saw 39, 34 saves the Bulls goaltender battled through games against Yukon, Halifax, San Diego, Mississauga, Miami, Mexico City and still stood tall.



US.png Calvin Harvey OSL-square.png

Another week and another mention, this time we see simalir techniques and patience with the puck which gave him the level of effort to shutout the competition twice, helped earn his team 15 of a possible 19 points. He stopped 191 of 211 shots and was a 90.5 save percentage, averaged 2.0 GAA a game plus won 3 of 6 against playoff contenders and lost twice in regulation.


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