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Could World Juniors Save King's Season?


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            We’ve talked about Kevin King this season and just yesterday it was announced that he has made the WJC roster for Team USA. Starting, likely on the third line, King will now have an opportunity to showcase his talent on the world stage for the first time and with the bright lights we have to ask, could this be what King needs to elevate his game to the next level?


            After reportedly pulling out of the queue for a GM position at the WJC this season, King was selected to play along side his Miami teammate Chance Rust. Rust won’t be his only familiar face at World Juniors though as he will be flanked by fellow centermen and San Diego stars John Merrick and Pietro Angellini. King is expected to play on the third line, between winger/center Cole Newhook and right winger Gary Rush or possible Keith Krestanovich.


            As stated above, it’s a chance for King to get on the right foot. He’s got 2 goals in his last 4 games but only has 3 points in his last 11. King has been up and down the Marauders’ lineup, and this could be King’s chance to step away from Miami for a moment and recollect himself for the final half of the regular season. It should be noted that King will be walking into WJC with his team’s best overall faceoff percentage and that could play a factor in his spot in the lineup. Additionally, with such an emphasis on single game play, King’s 5 GWG could be dangerous if he gets going. For the first time since what feels like the start of the season, there’s reason for optimism in King’s camp.


How do you think King will perform at the WJC this season?





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