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SITR: Tale of Two Cities GM Interviews - Part I

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SITR: Tale of Two Cities GM Interviews - Part I (record dated August 2nd, 2020; delayed due to technical difficulties)


Host: Thank you for tuning into VHL Network, Stick In The Rink! I am your host for this week, John Smith. (Cheers and small round of applause from the background audience)


Last time, we featured a wonderful interview with the GM of the Las Vegas Aces, @Spartan Spartan! Tonight, we have not one, but two special guests!  We will be speaking with two General Managers from the VHLM. These two teams are currently on the opposite ends of the league standings, certainly seems like a tale of two cities! But not to worry, it is still very early in the season so anything can happen!


Please welcome our first special guest, GM of the Miami Marauders, @Ricer13 Ricer13! (Huge round of applause and cheering could be heard from the background audience, majority coming from the central and right regions, although a couple of boos could also be heard from the left side)


Welcome Ricer13! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come in today!


R13: Glad to be here, thank you!


Host: Congrats in your fantastic start to the season! Sorry to see your tough 2-1 loss to the Minnesota Storm. Did you expect your team to be in your current situation in accordance to the current Season Standings?


R13: Yes I expected Miami to be near the top of the standings. It’s a team built over a couple seasons and is very deep almost too deep.   (a few whoops appear in the right audience)


Host: You had an amazing S73 draft followed by a fast start to the season, what has surprised you so far about this season? Who do you say is your current team MVP?


R13: What happened surprised me most is the unselfishness of our roster. Everyone wants personal success but everyone has bought in to the team first mentality and have the same goal in winning a championship. If I were to pick someone as Miami’s MVP so far it would have to be our goaltender Bacon. He is having an MVP caliber season in the pipes for us.


Host: With a championship calibre roster, is anything less than a championship win a failure for the season? How do you plan to help this team continue its current success and win that shiny trophy at the end?


R13: Yes, the championship is the goal and I know everyone on our team will not be happy with anything but that trophy. I think the biggest way to continue to find success is to find the right combinations in the line up and make sure that players who complement each other will be playing together. 


Host: You have four players with at least a point per game, and many more close to that. How do you spread the ice time among your players to ensure everyone achieve such high standards? Any plans to change what you're doing?


R13: Right from the beginning of the season I had to let everyone know that they might not have the highest stats in the league. I want to make sure everyone has equal ice time and I have tried to do that with our line up strategies. For the most part everyone has had equal playing time. This may change as the season progresses. 


Host: Bacon @Bacon has started every game this season so far, when do you plan to give Russell Rattie @theB3AST_08 his first start? Do you worry you might worn out Bacon with all the games he's having?


R13:  I’ll never worry about Bacon. He is built for 72 games and I know he will be able to handle that if needed. Russel Rattie is inactive and will only get starts if Bacon is called up to play backup games in New York.


Host: Minnesota has had your number so far this season, taking 3 of 4 games, what are your thoughts on this matter? Is there something you have planned to help your team go against this rival? Are they your toughest matchup?  (a few boos could be heard from the background audience, and a single loud cheer from the left side)


R13:  I love our rivalry with Minnesota. Rayzor is a great GM and managed to retool his roster to stay competitive. They are definitely our toughest matchup so far this season but that’s what makes a good rivalry. You win some and you lose some and every game against them has been a tight battle by both teams. 


Host: Let's talk about draft picks, right now you don't have any picks in the first three rounds of the Season 74 draft. Do you have any plans of acquiring any picks for S74? Are you going to trade away your current remaining picks to help boaster your line-up? Is there someone from another team that you have your eye on that you might try pick up?


R13:  I have no interest in acquiring more players. Our team is already ridiculously deep and adding more players would reduce everyone ice time. If anything is maybe look to move a player to acquire picks but I am more likely to stand pat.


Host: Alright! Looks like we are almost out of time. Is there any parting words you want to give to the audience and the fans out there?


R13: I just want to thank you for taking the time to get a little insight on what is happening down here in Miami. We have a great group of players and a fun atmosphere in Miami and the fans are a big part of that too. We want to bring a title home to Miami and to be able to have a chance to do that in our second season is pretty incredible. 


Host: Thank you for such a wonderful interview Ricer13! We hope to have you come on again in the future! Best of luck for the rest of the season! (huge cheers and applause could be heard from the background audience; TV camera shifts to the audience as we are shown a standing ovation)


(TV Screen fades to commercials)


 (Commercial Break….)


[Total Word Count: 1019]


Claims for Aug. 9 and Aug. 16

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