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Hot Steak! Team to watch?

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This week we discuss the fascinating team we have in Houston.


Houston we don't have a problem!


The Houston Bulls are the top ranked team after this week of play. Standing in the first position of the VHLM in S73, the Houston Bulls are leading the way with 66 points after 39 games.

The Bulls are on a tremendous 11 game win streak! Leading the way with Superstar Defenseman @KnightRiley Riley Knight Gee and Superstar Center @BladeMaiden Venus Thightrap, the Bulls have a 2 game advantage over second place Ottawa Lynx, with a three game cushion in the Wins column. The Bulls also lead the league with a ridiculous Goals for - Goals Against Differential of 100, and is the first team to score 200 goals this season!

While Riley Knight Gee and Venus Thightrap are the team's point leaders, the Bulls have many Stars in their ranks! You can never discount the 30 goal scorer in Center @Quik Christian Mingle, and assist per game Defenseman @Plate Markus Schauer defensive partner of league points leader Riley Knight Gee. Being one of the most assisting teams, the bulls have 3 players in the top 10 Assists, all going with over an assist a game ratio, it is no wonder Houston Bulls reached 200 goals so quickly. With such an outstanding team performance, the Houston Bulls is definitely the team to watch and the favourites to win it all!



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