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Last Minute Dash for 12 TPE Yet Again


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Did that thing where I completely forget to do any PTs so I’m scrambling around to make sure I get the maximum. Just gonna address odd topics that come to mind.


Encarnacion Bouncing Back

I did a VHL.com either last week or the week before where I was bemoaning Encarnacion’s first third of the season and in particular his lack of goals. While the goal output is still far from acceptable (a below 3% shooting percentage), his playmaking over the last week of sims have been incredibly promising and has seen him rise up to ninth amongst defensemen in points and third amongst all of the league’s players in assists. Hopefully I can keep this run of form going and make a solid challenge for my first individual trophy with THE Encarnacion.


SBA Affiliation Returns

It isn’t something that will affect myself personally but I’m happy to see that the SBA partnership with the VHL has returned. I think it’s been about eight or nine months since the incidents took place and over that period, the information coming out didn’t seem to indicate that any reconsideration of stances was set to take place. But now we can all be psyched because this will help recruitment and retention for both leagues.


Weekly TPE Change

Another change that was announced this week by the VHL Admin was a minor change to weekly capped TPE that now includes jobs in the 6 TPE cap for mini-point tasks when it was previously exempt from it. Apparently, the reasons behind this are to do with a change that was implemented to the portal (I presume to safeguard from any incorrect updates that could potentially be approved by an updater) and because people were using it as a “loophole” to not do 6 TPE PT’s (which is a bit of a silly way to put it because they were originally going to do exactly this back when they first officially announced a 6 TPE cap for mini-PTs and jobs, but they changed their mind and made jobs exempt after complaints from people who were specifically stating they wanted to cap with jobs and welfare).


I think the only thing I would say on the matter is maybe it would be worth reassessing updater pay considering this change. There have been a few changes made to updating that I presume makes the job a bit easier than it did (Training camp and welfare becoming buttons rather than update claims that had to be approved for example), but even with those changes I would not expect the job to be too different than from when I was an updater, and I can tell you now that when the job is done properly, you spend more time approving updates than it would take you to submit all your 12 TPE weekly activities if you weren’t an updater. Now, with jobs having to be compared with mini-PT pay given they’ve been shoved into that bracket, I don’t know if 4 TPE is fair for the updater job and

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