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Johnson on Surging Dragons


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Following a home 4-1 victory against the Chicago Phoenix, the VHL media stepped inside the D.C. Dragons locker-room for a quick interview with defense-man Ricky Johnson.


Media: "The Dragons were off to a rough start having only won 4 of 15 games to start the season, but have all but turned it around having almost reached an even win/loss record. What had brought about this change for you guys?"


Johnson: "I think we were struggling to find our groove and the right chemistry between guys. It's never easy figuring out each others quirks and habits and we happened to struggle with that more than other teams did. Now i feel we're back on track and should be a force going forward."


Media: "With the season half-way over you've managed to contribute quite a bit more on the offensive end of the ice scoring 10 goals throughout 41 games. Will be seeing you light up the net even more as the remainder of the season progresses?"


Johnson: "Can't say for sure. I mean i feel like I've managed to be in the right place at the right time for the most part. I can hope to continue doing so, but my main priority is to help keep the puck from going into our net."


Media: "With the Dragons now in the playoff picture, do you believe this team has what it takes to win the whole thing?"


Johnson: "Definitely. I mean we've been a team that has won against the top talent of the league. We've had our chances and just haven't capitalized on them. If we start to and continue to improve from where we are now, I don't see why we can't win it all".

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