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2 Months Already? A Look-back With Jiggs


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So on the 12th, I'll officially be 2 months in the VHL, and because I fucking need the TPE, why not look back at what's been an amazing experience? (P.S. I love how I'm making it sound all nostalgic like I've been here for a while but it's only been 2 months. Not even 2 months actually since it's not until a few days XD.) I'm not sure if I've actually said it out loud or if people can just tell, but the VHL is my first sim league. Back then, I couldn't even grasp the concept of a sim league. Like the closest thing I had to a sim hockey league back then was my fucking NHL games. Other than that, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. Heck, I was actually pretty hesitant on joining the league, but as you can see, I signed up and created my account. I loved how I kept asking @PatrikLaine who introduced me into the VHL questions about everything. Like "what the fuck is that" or " how do I do this shit?" among other things.


As I said before, my first ever team I signed to was the Houston Bulls, and what practically sold me to the team, was my guy @Sonnet before he became the VHLM commish. When I learned he was a weeb, I was fucking hyped. I came in thinking that I was gonna be like the only weeb here. Like imagine Jiggs starting off as part of the Marlins, Marauders, Reapers or even Yukon! I didn't realize how many offers I got tbh... Anyways, I quickly learned how things are in this league and I made my goal to make Jiggly Gumballs the best player he can be. The VHL to me is just fun to hang around in. Getting to know new people, generally having a good time. The environment and community here just makes you enjoy being in the VHL. And as a kid who likes to write, I can flex my creativity here. I don't really know how I developed Jiggs to be some sort of annoying ass prankster, but I loved the idea and stuck with it. The thing I personally hate the most is me missing the drafts. Though that's all on my part. Because of personal reasons, I had to be away for both the VHLM Dispersal Draft and VHL Entry Draft. It sucked that I couldn't see myself get picked by LA and Ottawa live, but meh. When I eventually get a recreate, I'll make sure I'll see it live.


So what do I have in store in the future? What's my plan now? Well first things first, I wanna get a job. I've been applying for AGM positions left and right and I personally won't give up until I get it. Afterall, my unemployed ass beckons me to do something. Apart from that, I don't really have much short term. Other than hitting the cap and maybe winning a cup, there's nothing else I really want to do right now other than to have fun. Eventually I do wanna be a GM in the VHLM, but that won't be for a while. Until then, I'll just continue being the Gumballs I am.



(544 words, also sorry for the unexpected mentions XD)


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