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Helsinki's 11 game Winning Streak

Spence King

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11 is Huge , one loss by  1 goal to Malmo is nothing, 1 small different bounce and it would be a 13 game streak , and continuing to by into the system and work together like we have been and play like were still keeping a streak alive , it also gives us a new goal to try and surpass as well, not one player in the LR doubts it either that we have the ability to fly high and continue to get the wins. The vets on this team made it clear to us all on day one what is and is not acceptable with this team on and off the ice regarding discipline and always being a classy team. The vets and sophomores even really helped all the rookies making the transition from the Megalodon in an inland lake to a tadpole in the Ocean. This means you’ve got to find your niche and really see where you excel the most and in which way you can make the biggest contribution to the team, In doing so that means “Learning your Role”. For player like my very good friend   Not only did the Roster players help us with this most important part of the transition as well did (the undoubtedly #1 Candidate for GMOTY) @Jubo07 made sure we know our place and that’s to “Learn your role” like Draven @Jbeezy76 and Hafkey @McLovin, @SpazJared Spaz along with @Erik Summers are all such great leaders off and on the Ice, These men are always making a point when defending a teammate laying it all on the line knowing everyone in blue has your back more than Tony The Tiger likes Frosted Flakes. , We are getting better every day I see it in everyone’s play in practice, the chemistry in the drills and the intensity increases each day and it’s such a great feeling the atmosphere here in Helsinki. Legendary fashion designer Jacobim Mugatu recently quoted the Helsinki Titans “So Hot Right Now. Holding onto the top spot isn’t going to be easy and i know i have to put in every ounce of effort i have in my body each day to fine tuning my skills to be the most help possible to this teams ultimate goal and mine which is to win games , i will sacrifice my body and soul for any one of you ❤️ you all my Titans brothers :fire


With the WJC coming up I know there are a few of us that will be participating, Myself I have been fortunate enough to play in every WJC tournament I’ve been eligible for. In S71 My Grandfather was the GM of Team Asia and I was lucky enough to play for him on Team Asia after being the last cut from team Europe. Team Asia went on to Win the round robin with the tournaments best record and bring home some of Team Asia’s first pieces of hardware in a Silver Medal losing to the Superteam Europe. In S72 I was voted by my teammates as Co-Captain of team Europe alongside my childhood idol and now teammate and great friend Valterri Vaakkainen where we cruised to a smooth tournament with an amazing  group of players earning Team Europe their 2nd Gold as many years and completing the Re-peat. Somehow, I missed the applications for this year’s WJC that seems to have come so quickly. If I am eligible and selected to team Europe again this tournament Is going to be no different. I have one goal in this tournament, and one goal only, that’s bringing home gold , not one single individual award entices me more than that gold medal and being part of history in a 3-peat for Team Europe. After being heavily relied upon tournament and playing a major leadership role along with the extra experience from playing in so many elimination games over the last two season has given me invaluable experience that has allowed me to grow into the clutch player I am today and when it’s the dying minutes I want nothing more than to be on the ice, winning for my country is everything to me

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