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Greatest UK Players of the Portal Era Pt. 1


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Today we continue the series of looking at the greatest players of the portal era. This time around we’re going to take a look at the United Kingdom. In the past the format I’ve used is one player from each position but from here on out it will just be five skaters and a goalie. If there’s a player I feel is worth mentioning that didn’t make the cut I’ll put them into an honourable mention category. Now that we have that out of the way let’s get into it!

F - Podrick Cast 1635 TPE (@Victor)
To kick start this list we have none other than one of the all time greatest players in VHL history who was a first ballot Hall of Famer Podrick Cast. Between S61 and S68 Cast put up an astonishing 379 goals and 467 assists for 846 points in 576 GP. S62 was by far his best season amassing 79G and 95A for an unreal 174 points. He cleaned up with four individual trophies that season winning the Scotty Campbell Trophy for league MVP, Brett Slobodzian Trophy for league MVP as voted by the players, along with the league leader in both goals and points taking home the Kevin Brooks Trophy and Mike Szatkowski Trophy respectively. We were able to get ahold of Joseph McWolf about Cast and this is what he had to say; "Cast was a special player. He could carry the puck alone through the offensive zone and score even on a 1-on-2. You always had to be ready for the worst when he had the puck.”

F -Rusty Trombone 626 TPA (Unknown)
Next up we have Rusty Trombone. While Trombone may not be the best player ever nor a hall of famer. He did have a pretty good career in my opinion even though it was shortened to only just four seasons which we’ll chalk up to injuries. Trombone played from S55 to S58 and in that time he played 288 games, recording 169 goals and 167 assists for 336 points. He was a two-time Continental Cup winner, as well as a two-time Mikka Virkkunen Trophy winner awarded to the player to be the most sportsmanlike. He did have a career high 97 points in S57 which is pretty impressive for any player.

D - Joseph McWolf 1434 TPE (@McWolf)
Next up we have one of the greatest defenseman of all time Joseph McWolf. This Hall of Fame player had played in 576 games and recorded 114 goals and 433 assists for 547 points. McWolf wasn’t afraid to sacrifice the body either, putting up 1887 hits and 1130 shots blocked. His game was a model for future offensive dynamos on the blue line and will always be remembered as one of the best defenders who could play a full 200 foot game. When Podrick Cast was asked what his game was like this is what he had to say about McWolf; “He was a tough opponent and had a great all around game. He'd stop you and then you'd have to try and stop him from getting past you.”

That does it for part one of the greatest UK players from the portal era. Be sure to check back in for part 2!
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