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Predictions for Awards 1/2


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We currently are just slightly over halfway done the season, so now it's time to make some awards predictions that are way too early. Its been a crazy season with four expansion teams being introduced and league scoring increasing as a result. So without further ado, let's see who is going to be the favourites to take some hardware home this season. 


Scotty Campbell Trophy- League MVP

Now here I have a player that I believe is currently the reason why their team is even in the playoffs, and it's RJ Jubis. With 56 points and splits of 29 goals, 27 assists, Jubis is the top scorer on a solid Calgary team geared for the playoffs. He's currently 6 points ahead of fellow teammate Kris Rice but holds a whopping +30. Not only has he been contributing on offence but also on defence with over 100 hits already. The reason why Jubis is my candidate is that all other top scorers are either putting up empty stats on bad teams (expansion teams) or are on incredibly stacked teams, that honestly wouldn't miss them too much if they were gone (NY). Jubis is not only putting up insane numbers but is also an essential part of the team.


Brett Slobodzian Trophy- Most Outstanding Player

Currently, I think there is one definite standout candidate for most outstanding, and it's Sigard Gunnar. After being picked up in the expansion draft along with Tyler Barabash Jr by LA, Gunnar has been on a tear so far. He's leading the league in points so far with 72, and it isn't even close. HHH and Barabash are both 8 points behind with 64. Not only are his point totals impressive, but he has also accumulated 83 hits and 22 blocked shots, showing his defensive zone contributions as well. Furthermore, despite being on a less than stellar LA team, his +/- is a solid +14, beating out other candidates such as HHH and Lesieur. If he continues on the pace that he's going, he'll not only bring back the award but also have one of the greatest seasons ever in VHL history.


Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy- Top Rookie

This is the part where I rant about how rookies in the S72 draft class got absolutely boned when they decided to play in their rookie season. In terms of TPE inflation and low league scoring, it was a terrible time to make a play if you only cared about stats. But here we have a fellow S72 rookie who decided to stay in the minors one season and is now feasting in the bigs. That player is Lucas Brandt. On a stellar PPG pace this season as a rookie, Brandt has turned some heads. He's currently a solid option for the perennial powerhouse of Moscow and has been primarily been focused on offensive zone production. Brandt has come in clutch countless times for Moscow this season so far, with 6 game-winners, the most in the league. Although this year's rookie competition is tough, if Brandt can continue the way he has, he'll not only win ROTY but be a great player for seasons to come.

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