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An AW13 Future Create


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It is definitely a weird topic for me to discuss given that I have not even been drafted into the VHL with my current player, Lexi Glass but it is always something good to have in mind here for Theme Week! So far in my VHL Career, I have had a Center, with my first ever player Oleksiy Revchenko, a Goalie, with my 2nd player, true bust Solomon Crawford and now I have a winger with Right Winger Lexi Glass.


Now, I also have had players in other hockey leagues as well which are the SHL and the GOMHL and I had a goalie in each, a defensive defenseman and a center (current SHL player). I have pretty much tried them all but it doesn’t mean I can’t try any different roles. I have been goalies before with varying level of successes but never had a successful goalie in the VHL. I have done center where I was primarily a playmaker in multiple leagues. I’ve been a defensive defenseman as well and also a sniper type winger which is my current plan for Lexi Glass.


With all this I would likely be down to two options for my next create in the VHL, which won’t be for a long long time hopefully! 

My first option would be to try goalie again which may not be a popular option. With Crawford I got lazy and his career was a really weird one. From first overall VHLM pick to likely going up to early to just be a backup and then staying as a backup because your team acquired an elite goalie to getting the starting job finally and immediately shipped off a few weeks later. It was a career that saw me stop trying multiple times and the reason I am going very hard on Glass right now so at least there is that. I have won 2 best goalie awards and an MVP in the SHL with my goalie there and I think I would really like a chance to do things the right way here. Goaltender is my favorite hockey position and one that I would enjoy here as well after a long SHL career as one and a brief stint with Crawford.


My next choice would probably be a more popular option and one that I would heavily consider and that is the role of offensive defenseman. I have done the defensive role and it was really fun seeing the hits and blocked shots pile up so that’s not out of the question again but I’d probably want to change it up. I would want to build a dominant defenseman that is capable of getting a ton of points along with some steady defense. Scoring goals on slap shots from the back or passes to the centers and wingers to rack up assists would be amazing and helpful to a team. 

There are definitely a lot of ways to go and I’m busy trying to build a great career with Lexi Glass. I’ll likely attempt goalie once more or go offensive defenseman but I have found a groove in the VHL for probably the first time ever so anything is possible!

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