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Theme week! Yay! After I spent an hour writing out a 1000+ word PT last night, that’s just awesome. Oh well.


So this seasons theme is “recreates”. An exciting time for sure, as it’s usually the first chance for most to build a star player from day one. First gens have to start at that lowly 30 tpe, and it may not seem like a big difference, but that bonus recreate Tpe that you get really gives you a good jump. The thing there, is you need to reach the max TPE to get that 50. By my math, your first hen has to hit 1250 to get the maximum 4%. That’s not impossible, but you pretty much have to cap or come close to it each week to make it so. My first player didn’t make it, as I went inactive after about three seasons or so, so my current player only had a boost of about 25-30 tpe. Getting the full 50 is definitely worth it, as you can basically hit 100 before you play your first game, with capping week one and making a small donation if you choose. Great head start to your career and will make you a top player on most VHLM teams.


I don’t know what position I’ll choose to recreate as next. My first player was a winger, and as fun as it was, I didn’t get far enough to experience any real offensive success. I think forward is probably the most common choice for most, and it’ll probably be my choice too as I didn’t get to do the full eight seasons as one. Everybody loves to score points and be that guy on a team, and forward gives the best chance for that.


Defence is my current position. When i recreated previously, I wanted to try something new as I hadn’t tried a defenceman before. It’s probably the position that gives you the most playing time at the start, because most teams have only four defensemen, so you’ll be playing a ton. This has been hugely beneficial to me in New York, as we only have three defenceman so we all get to play quite a bit. Defence is a good position to be because you don’t have to score to Points to make an impact. 

Goalie is probably the hardest position to create as. I actually was a goalie in the SHLs minor league, and it was a lot of fun. Sometimes as a new player, you have a hard time making an impact, but when you’re a goalie you play every game, and you get all the credit when you win! The issue with recreating as a goalie, is each team only has one starter.  So when you’re starting out, you’ll probably ride the pine a bit. I guess maybe that isn’t the case in the VHL, as the minor system doesn’t work the same. But non the less, it’s definitely the position that takes the most work.



500 words on the nose

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