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Builds that interest me


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For a first gen who is only on his third season I have thought about my recreate a lot at this point. Don't worry Vic I won't be retiring out of the blue to recreate anytime soon though ?. I think it has something to do with the fact thats as a rookie you realize all your mistakes and look forward to creating the "optimal" player as soon as you can. That being said, there's really two builds that currently interest, me and I think I will have to decide which makes the most sense to recreate with when the time comes. 


First, A playmaking forward has always caught my attention. I think getting tons of assists instead of goals might be an interesting change of pace for my next player. That being said, who doesn't like scoring goals? It would be a hard adjustment, but I think I could get used to only getting assists each game and the rare goal. I'm guessing I'd have to create this player as a center again, because face offs would be an easy way for me to get additional assists. I'm somewhat trying to avoid that though, because my current player is a center and directly jumping back into a center might ruin the position for me. That being said, I'm not sure how realistic a playmaking right or left wing is. All things considered, as a more "veteran" presence on a team after I recreate it might be refreshing to feed some of the new guard their goals. Since I am a VHLM AGM I obviously always enjoy watching the new guys succeed, so having a player that will allow that to happen even more would be awesome. We'll see what the future brings, but if we aren't overloaded on forwards at my recreate time this will definitely be an option.


Second, I've considered making a defender for a long time. It appears that they can be some of the most difficult builds to create because your player is more dependent on the team he's on than most. You can also say the opposite though. All things I've read it seem to say your defenseman can do well on good team, and on a team where you're the only good player. Then, there is always the chance that your defenseman is just garbage for some reason. They intrigue me because it will obviously be the opposite of my current forward, and they seem like some of the most difficult builds to make because you're just never sure how things will turn out for them. I'd love to experiment a little with my recreate defenseman to see what works and what doesn't after looking at some of the successful builds from various seasons. Right now, we seem to have forwards down to a science, but when it comes to defenseman they are still somewhat of an enigma.


Those are the two builds I'm looking at when my time to recreate comes. I realize it's surprising I don't have a lot of interest in making a goalie, but there can only be so many in the league at any given time. It will be much harder to get started in the VHL right away. I hope you enjoyed reading my word vomit on my potential recreates, have a great theme week everyone!

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