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After brining many mediocre hockey players to the Victory Hockey League, and one Hall of Famer, the agency is looking to the pool of the next crop of players, looking to sign to an agency to help push their careers to the next level.  The Smarch agency currently has a prospect eligible for the Season Seventy-Four VHL Entry Draft, that of course being defensive defenseman Lester Green. With Green a month or so away from joining his first VHL team, we will take advantage of playing the great sports guessing game on the potential clients of the Smarch agency that might be the next ones to declare themselves for the VHL.


Eric Bleaman:

Born on April 16th, 1971, Bleaman is now looking towards sports to help keep himself out of trouble. After living in New York his entire life, Bleaman just recently found himself at his first New York Rangers game inside Madison Square Garden. After experiencing his first hockey game, Bleaman was hooked and enlisted the help of trainer to help him get into shape for an attempt on starting a late hockey career. Bleaman has a lot of work ahead of him if he wishes to move forward with his plan to play hockey for the first time next year, as Bleaman tops the scales at over 400 pounds currently and loves his Soda and fast food. Being slightly on the bigger side, Bleaman has turned his attention to the position that requires the least amount of skating, goaltender. While goalies still need to have cat like reflexes, Bleaman is hoping that his body type will be a better fit to stop the pucks, instead of shooting the pucks. Another player with no business being on the ice and playing professional hockey, this is another player that has the Smarch agency salivating.


Jeff Curro:

One of the biggest news stories in the NFL heading into the 2018 NFL Draft was the life story of Shaquem Griffin. Shaquem was coming off a 2018 Peach Bowl Defensive MVP, but it wasn’t his stellar play that was the talk of the NFL. The talk about Griffin was of course directed to the fact that Shaquem has his left hand amputated at the age of four. This is where the sports career of Curro took off. While Curro has both arms, he is unable to use his left arm do to a car accident in his younger years. While most people would look at this as an impossibility, but Curro has started to train in an attempt to live out a lifelong dream on skates. This is one thing that the Smarch agency seems to do when they are looking for players, most of the players that have joined the VHL thorough the agency have had a late start to their hockey careers. One has to wonder after hearing the story of Curro and the unnecessary need of the Smarch agency to sign border line hockey players, will Curro be the next player to step onto the VHL ice.

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