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            Hello all, I’m Moose here to talk about AATA or the Antler Athletics Talent Acquisition and our plans for the future. We here at AATA want the player to be the focus and want to groom and guide the best talent from around the world into the stars of tomorrow. You’ve seen our work with Kevin King, as he’s transitioned into a competitor and will be arriving in the VHL next season. Oliwer McNair is our newest signing with a bright future in the EFL. And we’re as always, so excited to see them flourish and shine bright in the spotlights of sim sport supremacy. With a focus on the future of the VHL this theme week let’s look at some up incoming superstars that could be joining the agency very soon and are your stars of tomorrow:



Pierre-Alexandre Roy – (Left Wing)


            Pierre-Alexandre Roy is a Canadian born Left Winger out of Sarnia, Ontario. He is currently playing in a junior II division league where he was voted the top rookie last season for his local squad. While they don’t play as a travel league, Roy has shown exceptional puck handling and passing, and has been a force on the penalty kill. Roy will be spending this season and part of next season in this junior II league before making the jump to Sarnia’s junior team to play his first competitive hockey seasons.



Collin Peszek – (Defensemen)


            Collin Peszek, born in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is already tearing it up in the USHL-Jr and is a force at all ends of the ice. Peszek is a machine, already 6’2 and over 220lbs, Peszek may be the next player behind King to join the VHL once King retires. The danger is his size and speed. He’s quickly becoming an imposing two-way defender with his high defensive IQ and his quarterbacking of the powerplay. Peszek’s development speed hurts his chances to join on with AATA with VHL regulations, but he’s a steal for any potential affiliate agency that would want to pick him up.



Vili Hakkarainen – (Left Wing)


            Arguably the most obvious next player for our agency to sign, Vili Hakkarainen out of Vantaa, Finland, Vili has already shown promise as a potential top 10 pick in the VHL. His first Finnish junior league season he had 31 goals of his 53 points in his first 60 games as a rookie. He was easily the top rookie and already has 7 goals in his first 5 games to start this very young season in Finland. Vili combines his speed and shot with an incredible hockey IQ for his age. He’s more of an offensive threat than defensive stopper and has been shown to be a less than stellar penalty killer, but at such a junior level, these are skills that can be crafted before getting the nod on a VHLM team. His shear speed and finishing potential make him a massive threat right away and could be deadly in the VHLM in his rookie season.



Jenn Ravenwood – (Defensemen)


            Jenn Ravenwood is a late bloomer and may be the stretch pick for this list. Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Ravenwood is a two-way defensemen that has an eye for where to put the puck and the passing to get it there. Her puck handling is her biggest detracting skill, and her size is a concern in a league where the big body hitter rule. Nonetheless, Jenn Ravenwood has been a solid top 4 defensemen for the last two seasons with her local academic team and is expected to get her first crack on the top line this season.



Reilly King (daughter of Kevin King) – (Forward)


            Call it nepotism, but Reilly King is fun to watch. She just turned 5 years old and began playing youth hockey. She’s suited up at Center, Winger, and in net as Goaltender already and clearly has the nature gift for the game. Already showing that leadership quality in directing teammates around, and at such a young age we can only imagine what her skillset will look like when she’s at league level age. She has already shown to have her father’s competitive temper, as her budget for broken hockey sticks leaves a little to be desired. Quite frankly, we’re already scared of her. She’s already throwing hits in youth hockey. We aren’t even sure that’s legal, more concerning is we’re almost certain she doesn’t care.

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Descriptive scouting reports! Always like reading them to give life and personality to players. Formatting is good, pace is good. Could have used some pictures/logos. Flows well and is short and some quips for each player.



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