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Pranking the Minotaur


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Now, as you all may remember, Miami got blown out last week by Houston 7-2. The game was frustrating but I still did manage to get my old buddy Drew Minott back. Before the game, I convinced my friend and Houston Bulls forward Venus Thightrap to let me into the Houston locker room before Drew Minott got there. She agreed and let me in. I proceeded to tie the arms of his jersey, but that's just the intro. I also put some ink into his mask and taped his skates. The final one was the kicker though. I filled his goaltender stick up with water. It felt like it was 100 pounds when I tried to lift it. I have no idea how he played the game with that stick, but props to him. Just a little friendly fun before the play begins to ramp up in the playoffs. I'm not gonna lie, watching him fall down in warmups due to the tape was pretty funny. I am now preparing for the inevitable, which is either him or Ottawa Lynx Defender Jiggly Gumballs to get me with a prank, but I'll be ready for them. I've still got a few pranks up my sleeve to try down the stretch.

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